The View is Framed

We have come a long way on the framing in a short time. The second story and roof are left. There is a lot of detail in this portion of the house and it will add a lot of definition to the look of the structure.

Before any second story walls went in the crane came back so the deck beams could be lowered in. This went amazingly fast. The guys left their scaffolding up, which gave them a nice platform to work off up. Especially handy when the columns are almost 20 feet high.

From there they rolled in the second story floor joist, sheathed it and put up some safety rails. Admittedly there is a lot of detail I left out but at some point the framing has to be complete!

Before I knew it the second story walls were up. One crows nest wall (section on the right) was up in the picture below.

Soon the roof rafters got rolled in and the house really started taking shape. The back walls on the second story are taller by 2 feet, which give us a decent size shed roof. However, the pitch still only ends up being 1:12. The shot below shows the dramatic openings in the back that open up the view. The overhang turned out to be pretty large at 7 feet.

With all the roofs on and sheeted, it was time to get some sort of waterproofing on so the wood could start drying out. The roofers were a couple of months out so I purchased a huge 40′ x 175′ blue tarp and covered the entire roof . It really didn’t make the place look better but at least it was dry!

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