Framing the View

Framing started later than I had expected. A framer was lined up for September but he decided not to do the project so I scrambled to find a new framer. Luckily I came across Dave Gosk of Cornerstone Construction. He wasn’t able to start for a few months but I was feeling fortunate to have someone lined up. January came around pretty quickly and Dave’s crew showed up as promised. They moved their tools on site and got right to work. It was winter time so the heavy rains also moved in, but they didn’t skip a beat.

The foundation was pretty darn square so no significant adjustments were needed to square up the exterior walls. Within a couple of days they had the exterior walls up. The basement walls are finicky because the concrete isn’t perfectly level. Every floor and wall above relies on the base being level so the crew spent a lot of extra time getting the first walls right.

It quickly became clear that there weren’t enough measurements on the plans to accurately layout the basement interior walls without scaling off of the plans with a tape measure. So I went to work in Sketchup and drew all the walls and put dimensions on everything I could. This started a regular cycle of Sketchup, print, hand to framers. It worked out very well because I could tackle layout problems / changes in near realtime. There were many situations where interior walls needed to be moved a little bit to accommodate overhead beams, etc..

Within a week they had the basement and part of the garage framed.

Now it was time for Steel. This was a point in the project that I feared, loathed and wanted to be over! I had spent most of December going back and forth with the detailer at the steel fabricator and wasn’t at all confident about it. The moment of truth had arrived. All of my fear and worries would either be washed away or intensified.

The steel was delivered and the boom truck  went to work unloading the delivery truck and putting the various columns and beams in place. It was quite impressive how quickly the crew boomed each piece into position and bolted them down. By noon most of the steel was in place and I was breathing a sigh of relief because it all fit as planned!!.

The next day we got a delivery of floor joist and the crew started framing up the floor. Next thing you know the floor system was in place and the sheeting was going on. I would soon be able to walk out and see the view again!

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